First Baptist Celebrates 100 Years

Saturday, First Baptist Church of Collingswood hosted a tour of its stained-glass windows to celebrate the church's 100-year anniversary.

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of 's Frazer Avenue building, the congregation highlighted one of their most coveted features: stained-glass windows.

And according to congregation members, around 150 people came out to see the glass-work this weekend.

congregation member Rachel Glover helped host the tours, which ran from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

"Our church was founded in 1889, and was originally set on Haddon Avenue, in the location now housing ," said Glover. "But today, we're celebrating the 100-year anniversary of our current site (on Frazer Avenue) by showcasing our stained-glass windows."

Some of the stained-glass masterpieces at , said Glover, were salvaged from First Baptist's original Haddon Avenue church, and moved into the Frazer Ave. site.

Others were newly created for the current church.

"Each of our stained-glass windows has a story behind it," she said.

One window—which was moved from 's original location to the Frazer Avenue building—depicts a shepherd holding a lamb.

According to congregation members, the antique window serves as a reminder, "To follow God," in metaphor, as devoted and faithful sheep.

Pastor John Nannery said hosting tours was an effective tool to illustrate the church's history.

"We wanted people to come see the stained-glass windows and hear the stories behind them, which have been built and shared in the past 100 years," said Nannery. "And people have really enjoyed them."


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