Head to the Polls for Primary Voting Today

Do you know where your polling place is? What time it closes? Have you seen the ballot? We've got a handful of useful links for you.

It's not the real deal that we will see this November, but if you have a registered political affiliation, make sure you set aside some time to vote today, Collingswood.

You can only vote in the primary election if you've become a member of a political party 55 days before today—unless you are newly registered or this is your first time voting in a primary election.

(If you wanted to change your party affiliation after having voted in a primary election, you should have filed a declaration of intent with the commissioner of registration "no later than the 50th day prior to the primary election date." Sorry.)

Finally, what's become a note of ephemera thanks to : The only district in the county that will hold elections for its school board today is Haddon Heights.

Collingswood will vote on its school board representatives in the fall general election.


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