Police Reviewing Surveillance Footage in High School Theft

A Sept. 20 locker-room break-in has Collingswood detectives searching for suspects. Tipsters are encouraged to come forward with any information.

A locker room theft that occurred at Collingswood High School Sept. 20 remains unresolved nearly a month later, according to the Collingswood Police Department.

On the day in question, police say victims reported the loss of miscellaneous currency, a calculator and an iPod. The theft, which occurred on a Thursday, was not reported until the following Monday. Police are currently reviewing hallway video surveillance to determine any suspects, and the investigation is ongoing.

According to one Collingswood parent, who wrote to Patch about the break-in, the thief or thieves may have entered the locker room via a door "that was supposed to have been locked," and described the loss of additional personal property.

"My son had a cell phone and a unique watch stolen that was a gift purchased overseas by his big brother during a business trip," the parent wrote. "I am of course upset and angered by the incident.

"I am not optimistic that the thieves will be caught."

In an email to Patch, Superintendent Scott Oswald said school administrators "remind the kids repeatedly" about the importance of securing their belongings in gym lockers, and that the district investigates all reports of theft and notifies the police immediately.

"We typically are quite successful at identifying the students who are involved and we will act, with the police, on both the school and legal fronts," Oswald wrote.

Anyone with any knowledge of the incident is invited to come forward and speak with either school officials or with Collingswood Police.

Simone Jackson October 17, 2012 at 03:25 PM
My sons IPod was stolen as well. It was tracked to an address on 19th street in Cramer Hill. I notified the police and the school. Hopefully the thief will be caught!
Jill Warner October 17, 2012 at 06:46 PM
I will let you know how they get in the locked locker room, they are already there when the teacher locks it and they just come late to class. This happened to my kid 2 yrs ago and she even knew which girl came to class dressed from the locker room late. The locker room is only locked to the outside not the inside . Needless to say nothing ever came of it.
Peeches October 18, 2012 at 01:59 AM
Thefts in the school locker rooms is nothing new. A students whole weeks salary just taken from the girls locker room, Was the theif apprehended? Uhh.... NO It wasn't the teacher's money or the school's money so why change procedure??? I feel sure it is the same in the boys gym.
Linda A. October 19, 2012 at 10:38 AM
I am the parent quoted in the article above. Matt, thank you for finally publishing this story, even though it is a month after the fact. I was hoping to see it sooner, in case anyone reading it knew something and would be motivated to come forward. Reading the other comments above, apparently, this has been an ongoing problem, though I already knew that on some level. Of course, it brings it all home, front and center, when your own kid is a victim, an article is published on the thefts, and other parents come forward too, with their own stories. Personally, I am up in arms about the whole situation. This has to be taken more seriously by those in charge, and something has got to change, but I can't help but wonder if it will take the parents as a united force to start the wheels rolling in that direction. Cont’d below…
Linda A. October 19, 2012 at 10:38 AM
Cont’d…I don't know what it will take - a special meeting held, to include the Colls. Police Dept., school personnel, students, and parents? I have some ideas, but I am only one person. I am willing to voice those ideas to the school, but I feel my voice will have a greater impact, if we are able to draw more attention to these thefts as a group. I don't wish to cause trouble, but the thief/thieves have caused my family trouble. I feel as if I need to be the "squeaky wheel" to get heard by the school. For starters, the school needs to station a teacher inside each of the locker rooms, until the last student leaves for class, locking the doors behind. The doors need to be made more secure. The lockers themselves need to be fixed. Any apathetic attitudes coming from any involved parties need to stop. If it were their possessions at risk, you can be sure that change would be swift. If you are on board with me, please post back here. Thanks for reading.


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