Police Blotter: It's a Gas

Collingswood and Philly swap stolen cars, a Camden senior tools around with stolen license plates and don't trust a guy in a white Mustang if he tells you his credit's good.

All information presented in these reports was gathered from the . An arrest is not a conviction.

Receipt of stolen property
At 12:30 a.m. April 15, officers observed a black Dodge Neon traveling north on Route 130 with inoperable tag lights. They pulled the vehicle over, and it was revealed that the driver, Brenda Miller, 65, of Camden, couldn’t provide any documentation for the vehicle. Police also determined that its license plates had been stolen.

Miller was wanted on cash warrants totaling nearly $2,000 from the municipal courts of Deptford and Somerdale. She was charged with receipt of stolen property and, unable to pay her bail, was remanded to the Camden County Correctional Center.

Theft of services
At 6 p.m. April 22, officers responded to a call at the Gulf gas station in the 700 block of Route 130 S. The attendant indicated that he pumped $15 of regular gas into a white, four-door vehicle, which then sped off without paying.

At 3 p.m. the next day, April 23, officers were called to the Quality Fuel Service gas station in the 500 block of Route 130. There, the driver of a white Ford mustang reportedly bilked an attendant out of $20 worth of gas. After his credit card was denied, the driver allegedly handed over a piece of paper with a credit card number written on it and fled. The investigation is ongoing.

Stolen vehicle
At midnight April 23, officers identified a suspicious vehicle outside the Arena Park apartments. Thesilver Oldsmobile with Pennsylvania tags had been reportedly running for more than two hours in the lot.

Officers determined that its ignition had been compromised and later learned that the vehicle had been reported stolen by the city of Philadelphia. The car was towed to local yard.

Stolen vehicles
At 5 p.m. April 26, Collingswood police were notified by their counterparts in Philadelphia of the recovery of a gold Honda on 3rd and Poplar streets. The vehicle had been reported missing from the 500 block of Collings Avenue.

Two hours later, while investigating that vehicle theft, Collingswood Police discovered a green Honda with Pennsylvania tags parked at the Heights of Collingswood.

Philadelphia police confirmed that it had been stolen from the same area of the city in which they recovered gold Honda that had been stolen from Collingswood.

At 11:24 a.m. April 12, Collingswood police were dispatched to the Aldi supermarket on Ferry Avenue to investigate a shoplifting incident. The suspect was described as male, 5-foot-8, wearing a black jacket and blue jeans and carrying a black backpack.

According to witnesses at the scene, the suspect was last observed fleeing the scene in the direction of the White Horse Pike with a few 1-pound bags of pistachios. He remains at large.

Criminal mischief
Between April 6 and April 12, unknown persons in the unit block of West Wayne Terrace removed a quantity of unused telephone wire that had been attached to the outside of the building. Police say there was no legal value attached to the wire, but that it is typically sought by scrappers for its copper.

One road town May 11, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Time and time again the Heights of Collingswood just keeps rearing its ugly head with crime. When or what will the incident be that will draw attention to get that place cleaned up? Haddon Township and Collingswood have an element to them that needs to be addressed.
senior May 11, 2012 at 11:36 PM
Here you go... One road town. It was a little too quiet on a front line...how dissapointing for some....Well the news is getting a little better... did not hear mice lately; even roaches are hiding and cleanning crew is working really hard; only my neighbour as always leaves her cigarette's butts on the floor in front of elevators....and dogs pee right in front of buildings (I quess that's their nature; or their owners are a little too lazy to take them out earlier....) seems like some things will never change....
One road town May 12, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Hi Senior :) Thanks for the updates. Quick questions here if you don't mind. First, do you know Ronnie Hand?, Is he a familiar/name around there? He was arrested at the complex on April 12th of this year for drug dealing and had some pretty serious charges brought up against him for distribution. Also what is the policy at the complex in regards to smoking? Is there language in your lease that states penalties for smoking in common areas? ...It is illegal for smoking in common areas in apartment living and was wondering by what you state why is it not enforced. Have you noticed any positive changes since the new management company has taken over? Lastly, does the management company hold any meetings with the residents on a monthly basis or have at least special meetings that keeps you all in the loop? I know there was one that was done during the car jacking time period where the police were involved as well. I'm just curious about how open the lines of communication are about the crime/issues that go on around there. Like do they tell you to look out for certain names/faces of people, types of cars/license plates ...things of that nature.... Also have you met the after hours security officers? If so, do they brief you or put out memos of what cars/people to look for? Thanks Senior!! Hope you are having a great night sir!
senior May 13, 2012 at 02:05 AM
Well; a little dissapoint to you sir as I am a Lady...That said most answer to your questions have to be: No, No, No. No ideas came from management (yet) addressing many points which you listed and which I have already on my list also to be presented to management at any moment. As a policy about smoking ....of course people are smoking in places where it is prohibited...And No, it does not sit well with me at all... You know, sometimes I am not sure how to explain my stance. I think once I wrote that because Heights became my residence I would like to take some responsibility and some pride of place I call home.....And that I wish other residents would do the same.....Am I aware about ALL bad things happenning here? No, not all. I am learning from articles and comments from people like yourself..thankfully not from my own experience....I am rather a quiet person and do not know many people here, so the only gossip I hear is sometimes in elevators....And NO...I do not know person you mentioned. Actually I would not know a drug dealler from Adam until somebody would point him/her to me.OK; that said....I think things are getting a little better. For once it is definitely a big effort put to keep this place clean. Also war with mice and roaches seems to have few winning battles....And lets hope that your excellent suggestions re: management/tenants communications will take place soon. Good night to you Sir !
One road town May 13, 2012 at 02:38 AM
I'm sorry Senior!! My apologies!! :) Thank you for the replies! They are greatly appreciated. Your answers (and anybody else who may live there) that can give feedback I can only hope will bring attention and awareness to a forum in the community such as the Patch. The complex though seems like this massive Rubic's Cube of a mystery to most of us. I personally am quite active and ride my bike and run around Collingswood and Haddon Township extensively. And the things that I see that go on just in the parking lot and lobbies are just baffling at the Ho.C. I am ALWAYS asked if I would like to buy marijuana, sell some or smell it (particularly Friday's in the evening hours) I have also been asked to buy pit bulls, asked for money, asked for rides or other erroneous questions. I like to cut through admittedly because I've become nosy about the stories that come from there (as I cannot believe that such an environment exists here) but I also go through Newton Lake Park and my run/bike rides are just as perplexing when behind the Dept of Environmental Affairs building seeing all the drug paraphernalia and alcohol bottles (earlier yesterday morning a smoldering grill was left abandoned of all things... waiting for a the headline of "Fire across from H.o.C." to be on here soon. I am glad to see that you are reporting better conditions with the current management. Hopefully this is a sign that in the months to come a positive change is coming! :)
Anne Carroll May 13, 2012 at 07:09 PM
Thank you SENIOR and ONE ROAD TOWN for your updates. While I don't live at the Heights, or even near it, what goes on there and nearby greatly concerns me. While so much attention, mostly negative, is devoted to the critical mistakes and mishaps at the Lumberyard, personally I believe much more focus needs to be placed on solving truly dangerous problems at the "Heights" and environs. The fate of the "Heights" will determine the future of Collingswood. Keep up the good work!
senior May 13, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Anne; yes, I agree.... I moved to Collingswood a little more than a year ago and fell in love with this charmming town. Seems to me that Heights and Lumberyard are two sore points here. Too bad because I think that there are a lot of good people who would want to live in a safe, nice place....The fight between good and bad/ugly is taking place constantly..Where is Dirty Harry when we need him? Kudos to Collingswood Police; lets root for the good guys.....
senior May 13, 2012 at 08:56 PM
Oh, by the way One Road Town; no apologies needed; I guess instead of Senior it should be Senior-a....
D M J May 14, 2012 at 02:05 PM
If Collingswood Police really want to clean out the H.O.C. they should bring in some police dogs. Just walk them around the grounds and in and out of the buildings and see how fast all the drug dealers run...
senior May 14, 2012 at 10:29 PM
I am all for that....What astonishes me though is this: it seems to me that everybody knows that bad guys (read: drug dealers) are here; so why are they still here????? Obviously I am very naive where crime and crime fighting is concerned, so please try to explain it to me. If as D M J says police dogs would do the job; so please: bring them here!
Concerned May 15, 2012 at 03:22 AM
@D M J ... Love the idea, it's brilliant and simplistic. Keep that routine up for a few months and things will shape up real fast. I'd personally donate a bag of dog food or two and coffee for the officers if they need to pull an extra shift. @Senior, first, your frustration and lack of having information/communication frustrates us all the like here in town(for those who are aware of the situation at least). Secondly, I believe that also is why the problems often seem to be easy to brush aside and dismiss as the town has such a carefree attitude. (I'm not saying an outright 'fix' is on) But, I think Collingswood would just rather not deal with the whole situation in general, so it's best to pretend like it doesn't exist at all. Certain people's reputations might get marred, the press might start to ask too many pesky questions and so forth....so it's best just to let sleeping dogs lie.. and if need be, when situations pop up, get the 'ordeal' over with asap and move along. (again, my belief only) ..but it's more about not drawing attention. And Senior, it's not just a Heights 'issue', we are in deed a border town with Camden and Woodlynne, and we take a huge brunt of hits for this throughout the town as well. But also, don't let talk here or anywhere else paralyze you with fear or fret..Collingswood overall is a fabulous town and a wonderful place to live ...if you see something call the police.. if not, smile :) ... and smile anyways if you do!! :)
senior May 15, 2012 at 09:42 PM
Your comment is great, concerned. When I was moving to H.O.C. I truly did not know about any of those "horrible"activities happenning here. If I did I would not move in here. But the place seemed nice, price was good, park alluring (I love water, trees, love to walk); so it seemed great. Now; unfortunately H.O.C. became almost a bad word and it worries me because I would not want (age, finances, disability) to move again. What is interesting though, once you are inside it is not bad at all. (I really like my appartment). Am I frustrated? OH, YES! At some point in life (well, any point in life) you just want to be safe and not to think about bad things arround (although I think they just about everywhere). Sleeping dogs sleeping....ah if only they were sleeping all the time...or not sleeping at all. But I am with you; I'll even buy a hudge Purina Chow if it's going to help...
kathleen wisner May 29, 2012 at 02:54 AM
Its always Woodlynne................


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