Evening Activity at Heights of Collingswood Just 'Burnt Food'

Collingswood police, fire, and EMS personnel were all on the scene around 10 p.m. Tuesday evening. Thankfully, the incident wasn't serious.

A meal gone awry was the culprit behind a rapid and thorough response from borough emergency personnel at the Heights of Collingswood apartments Tuesday evening.

Police, fire, and EMS all responded to the call last night sometime around 9:45 p.m., according to residents at the building who notified Collingswood Patch. They were supported by vehicles from Westmont Fire Company No. 1.

Authorities on the scene chalked up the hubbub to some burnt food, and said nobody was harmed in the incident. Collingswood F.D. had made a stopover to the property earlier in the day to help extract a resident from a malfunctioning elevator.

There have been plenty of false alarms at the Heights of Collingswood of late, however. According to Collingswood police, officers have been dispatched to the property to investigate "maliciously pulled fire alarms" more than a half-dozen times in the past six to eight weeks.

Most recently, they were summoned at 10 p.m. September 20 and at 9 p.m. September 15 by false alarms. A search of the area in both cases revealed no suspects.

It should comfort Collingswood to know that its welfare is so closely guarded even in the event of a prank. Yet after the false alarms, which were preceded by a pair of suspicious trash chute fires that dragged residents of the property outside twice one August evening, it's fair to say that they would likely just settle for some peace and quiet


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