Collingswood Police Officer Arrested, Suspended Without Pay

A Collingswood police officer has been suspended without pay following his arrest on domestic violence charges, according to the Associated Press.

Camden County Prosecutor Warren Faulk announced Wednesday that Collingswood Police Sgt. Michael Taulane was charged Friday with second-degree aggravated assault, according to the AP. The charge came after law enforcement officials received allegations of ongoing domestic abuse against a female victim, according to the AP.

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Angelina February 14, 2014 at 02:22 PM
Since I am the alleged 'VICTIM' I feel that it's appropriate to respond- this man did not do the things alleged - can everyone please leave us alone! The reason it says alleged is because it's not confirmed and not proven and therefore did not happen! Maybe if your family was affected by something false and torn upside down because people are malicious then you would respect what I am expressing- we have a child and he is beyond affected by all this! Please please please stop let justice be served to those who are doing all this!
Jason Miller February 15, 2014 at 08:40 PM
He is a horrible cop and a violent person in high school he got caught screwing the gym teacher and had kids with her and left her for a stripper. I remember when he got in trouble for a car chase with a suspect that he refused to stop when he was out of his jurisdiction and chased the guy all the way from collingswood to deleware. Mike Taulane also destroyed a cop car in knights park chasing a person he beats up kids and adults nobody is safe from the steroid freak because he is a cop. I hope and pray he never gets his job back he is a danger to the community and does not deserve to have the powers of a cop he is not a role model he is the biggest jerk off to ever walk the planet.
MJT February 15, 2014 at 09:08 PM
Jason Miller - first, I can tell what kind of person you are by your English ability. Your running sentences and punctuation is atrocious. Did you finish high school??? Second, before ranting and raving about this article, you really should get your facts straight. This is nothing but a hateful, idiotic raving of someone who knows nothing. Get your facts straight, please, and leave the Taulane family alone!!!!!
badge 50 February 16, 2014 at 12:00 AM
Jason Miller I'm glad that you feel you should exercise your right to freedom of speech, but your banter is not only uninformative but inaccurate. Your judgements formed from hearsay litter only prove that you do not know the accused and never met him. I'd say leave it to the courts to do their job, but my faith in that, along with the misuse of the system will only favor he with the power behind him. I have faith in Karma. You don't need a flashlight to see what's going on here. If we were on the same page, everything would work out. Follow my lead genius and leave the judgements to the court.


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