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Moms Talk: Healthy Habits

Join in on this Moms Talk about making the right moves toward a healthier child.

This week we're talking about healthy habits. With recent videos going viral on the Internet about the "pink slime," a.k.a. chicken nuggets, I've decided to reach out to my fellow mamas on what they are doing to make healthy habits for their children.

I admit, I've never been an avid healthy eater. I do love healthy foods, but with the hustle and bustle of a girl on the go, I've strayed in the past from my healthy ways. 

Then, I had a son. I refused to let him pick up my unhealthy habits, and I was determined to have him eat a variety of foods, including healthy ones. Well, I seem to have suceeded thus far. My son loves everything from seafood to fruit to a variety of veggies, and I stuck to my guns on watering down every liquid he drinks. But, I do find it as a challenge as my life seems to be picking up again. Schedules are busy, and we are on the go more often than not these days. 

I also have learned to make healthy eating a fun task. I rave about fruit and veggies and certain foods, so that my son is excited to eat them. And, it definitely has helped the process of his healthy eating habits. But, I know there is so many more tricks of the trade out there that I am missing out on. 

This is where I am reaching out to the Collingswood Patch readers.

How do you stay healthy on the go? 

What snacks or meals do you make for your family to keep them healthy? 

How do you make healthy eating fun? 

Do you reward your child with "treats" on special occassions or good behavior? 

We want to hear from you! Join the talk by commenting below.

Meghan March 19, 2012 at 02:07 PM
I have tried so hard to get my son to eat healthy. He did great for years, then he hit 4 & it's a fight to get him to eat. When he does we praise him. I have started to add veggies to our pasta sauce, beets in the brownies, different things like that. He loves yogurt & will drink water with almost every meal. Altho he does get juice & milk as well...the juice is for snack at school &it's 100% juice.
Shirley April 06, 2012 at 08:00 PM
I do what I call "volume cooking". I will make half a dozen meatloaves at a time. While they're in the oven I may brown a few pounds of sausages. After everything is cooked and cooled, I wrap everything in meal-sized portions and freeze them. It's easy to pull out a package of cooked sausage in the morning to serve with pasta at dinner. Cooked meatloaf will defrost in the 'fridge during the day and be ready to heat for dinner. Buy a large fresh chicken, roast it for Sunday dinner and use the leftovers in other quick dishes. You can always put nutritious meals on the table if you've cooked some of it in advance As for snacks, I'll quote my mother: "eat an apple!" By the way, I am an early riser and do much of my volume cooking very early on Sunday mornings.


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