Week in Review: Town Forum, 9/11 Service, 100 Years of Hockey

This week in Collingswood, commissioners took to the stage at a town forum, middle schoolers volunteered in honor of 9/11 and an admitted drug runner got sentenced.

'Intimate' Town Forum Packs in a Ton of Answers Per Resident

Collingswood wasn’t feeling very town forum-y this week, apparently, but the residents who did show up got their questions on everything from the LumberYard to a certain polka dot dress answered.

9/11: a Day of Service at Collingswood Schools

Though many are too young to remember 9/11, middle schoolers turn the terrorism anniversary into a day of service.

Jamarvis Green Sentenced to 13 Years in Drug Case

Green will have to serve at least six years for his role in a South Jersey gang-related drug ring.

3 from Collingswood Collared in Camden Drug Bust

Camden Police targeted suburban drug buyers in Operation Padlock.

I Am Collingswood: Mark Infantado

Meet the brains behind Casona.

Collingswood Field Hockey: 100 Years of Tradition

The Panthers have a century of field hockey backing them up this season.

Ron D. September 16, 2012 at 11:20 AM
Once again Collingswood, N.J. did not have their flag flying over the town, it was bad enough it did not fly on Labor Day but did not fly on 9/11. I'm not sure but the flag should fly 24/7, if there is a problem with the flag the problem seems simple, have two, if one needs to taken down for cleaning or repair then have the other one ready to be raised. It seems stupid to have a 60 foot flag pole with no flag. Hopefully they will have the flag flying at half staff for Whitney Houston one year anniversity of her death, now that is real important. I feel that my town, Collingswood let us down ! !


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