John Elliott on Bravo: Watch What Happened

Our own Patch TV blogger got a taste of being 'bumped' by a talk show host, but found his redemption on the web.

If you tuned in to Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Tuesday evening to hear Collingswood Patch TV blogger Jonathan Elliott chat it up with comedian Jimmy Fallon, you might have been a little disappointed.

Imagine if you were Jonathan.

, Elliott discovered that his segment was cut from the final broadcast.

After having spent his full lunch break on hold with producers for the pre-taped call-in segment, it was a dispiriting moment for Elliott.

But in life there is always hope. And in the life of an entertainer, there is always the Internet.

Elliott soon discovered that his question—"Of all your impressions, which one would be best at babysitting your friends' kids?"—made the "after-show" segment of What Would Happen Live.

It's not the same as seeing it on cable, but it's something.

(Cue up the 4:30 mark of this tape to hear Elliott name-checking Collingswood on cable TV!)

On an editorial note: after watching Fallon's lackluster aping of Russell Brand, which appears in the video, it's hard not to side with the producers who didn't think there was time enough for it in the broadcast.

You can read Jonathan Elliott's blog on all things television-related most Thursdays here on Patch.


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