Franklin Institute's Brain Wave Teams Come to Collingswood

The teams will conduct experiments on crowds visiting the borough with an intricate series of interactive experiments.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
The (ever-funky) Borough of Collingswood and the (mind-bending) Franklin Institute are pairing up this spring to challenge visitors to Collingswood to teasers, tricks and a look inside your brain.

The Franklin Institute will release their “Brain Waves” Street Team on unsuspecting crowds in Collingswood during the Borough’s spring and summer lineup of events.

The FI team will bring street-corner science and get inside the heads of guests with an intricate series of interactive experiments designed to mess with the minds of shoppers and diners and reveal the inner-workings of the brain.

Games that stun with optical illusions, test memory and gauge reflexes will aim to reveal exactly how people see (or just think they see) the world around them.

The fun and games are all part of an effort to showcase The Franklin Institute’s newest permanent exhibit, “Your Brain” opening June 14, the centerpiece of the brand-new Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion.

The new exhibit invites people to climb the 18-foot tall web of neural networks and navigate a busy street scene filled with multisensory illusions that literally turns your world upside down.

With over 70 interactive experiences, visitors of all ages will discover the foundations of a science that is revealing new questions every day.

The Franklin Institute’s Brain Waves team will storm Collingswood crowds during these dates/events:

Thursday, May 15: Cruise Night, 5 to 9PM
Saturday, May 24: May Fair, 10AM to 5PM
Saturday, May 31: Farmers’ Market, 8 to 12PM
Saturday, August 9: 2nd Saturday, 5 to 9PM

“Who doesn’t want to take a peek inside their brain, especially with the great scientists at the Franklin Institute?” said Collingswood Mayor James Maley. “We welcome the head-scratching they’ll be bringing to us. It’s our kind of fun.”

--Press release from the Borough of Collingswood


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