Collingswood Shakespeare Company Banner, Thy Light Restored

Bike Share volunteers found the missing banner rumpled but unharmed in front of their workspace Saturday morning.

In the aftermath of Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy, one of the lesser casualties of either the weather (or the vandalism that followed) was a banner belonging to the Collingswood Shakespeare Company.

Last Saturday that banner was believed to have been recovered by volunteers at the Collingswood Bike Share. Whether it was delivered by fate, conscience or coincidence—perhaps that's a tale for The Bard.

Our story, however, begins when Bike Share member Gary Becker noticed something unusual "crumpled up next to some pizza boxes and other trash" as he tidied up the exterior of the building. 

"Before throwing it away, I straightened it out and noticed it was a 'Shakespeare Company' banner," Becker wrote in an email to Collingswood Patch.

"On the Patch there was a post made about the missing banner and I had asked what it looked like," Becker wrote. "Although no response was given, I'm hoping this is indeed their banner that's missing."

Bike Share Director Joe Bonaparte confirmed that the banner was found outside the borough print shop, which is next to the Bike Share."

"It’s fine. It’s rolled up, sitting in my living room here," Bonaparte told Patch last Saturday.

He also confirmed that he had spoken with Collingswood Shakespeare Company secretary Ruth Rouff, and would be returning it to her this week.

Correction: an earlier version of this article misidentified Rouff as the director of the Collingswood Shakespeare Company. 

Ruth Rouff November 14, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Thanks for this story! And thanks to Gary and Joe for getting the banner back to us in good order! We will use it to advertise our next production (Two Gentlemen of Verona) in April. A small note, I'm not the director, just the secretary. Francie Pagell is our president.
Marge Waker November 15, 2012 at 07:02 PM
Thank you, The Patch, Gary Becker and Joe Bonaparte. We are so happy to have our sign returned. Just goes to show the power of The Patch. Marge Walker
Matt Skoufalos November 15, 2012 at 07:30 PM
Marge, thanks for the kind words. Full marks to Joe and Gary for coordinating the recovery and return of your banner. (As a post-script, you'll never know how many hokey ways I tried to hamhand some Shakespeare quotes into this story before scaling it way, way back in the interests of retaining our readership and good will like yours.)


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