Eagles: Forget Vick. Pick Nick.

Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Nick Foles looks like the real deal. Maybe he should be the team's starter.

Editor's Note: This column was written before the Philadelphia Eagles played the Cleveland Browns Friday night.

Forget Michael Vick; we've now got Nick.

Sometimes discoveries are made in preseason that amount to ones like finding the Ark of the Covenant, or learning that the world is not flat.

The have made a find of historic proportions: rookie quarterback Nick Foles is the real deal. As tries to stay in a football game for more than two series, Foles has shone like someone who could be the next Dan Marino or Joe Montana.

When all "Monday Night Football" analyst Jon Gruden (who knows his stuff) does is blush about Foles the entire game, you know there's something special about this big lug from Arizona.

After all, Gruden got to watch Brett Favre grow up in Green Bay.

It's one thing when a rookie impresses in the first preseason game, as Foles did. But the poise he showed coming off the bench to fill in for an injured Vick against the Pariots was something we're used to seeing from Peyton Manning or Steve Young or Roger Staubach.

Foles looked that good, playing with the starters and running the first-team offense like he'd been doing this for years. The man is no Kevin Kolb—and who cares how well Mike Kafka might know the playbook?

Forget Foles as a No. 2. Coach should name Foles the starter for the season immediately.

Yes, this talk may sound crazy. Two preseason games do not make a career. But watch Foles play and tell me otherwise. This guy has talent; he's something special. And it wouldn't be unprecedented: Cleveland, Indianapolis, Washington and Miami are all going with rookie QBs this year.

Maybe the Michael Vick Experiment is really over. Vick has played a full season once in his career. He's already banged a thumb on a helmet and gotten crushed in the ribs. His leading stat in three pre-season games? Two X-rays. Why go through games with Vick starting and then coming out for an injury? It will stall the offense and kill any momentum.

So far, Foles has shown he is something special. He also could be the missing ingredient for a championship.

Future Old Angry Italian Guy August 28, 2012 at 12:33 PM
100% agree. Vick and Andy is a team going nowhere. Nick and Andy is a team with promise for the future. So why not dump, trade, or demote Vick since we are not going to win with him anyway.
Porterincollingswood August 28, 2012 at 12:53 PM
This is the last year of Vick unless he wins a SB, the money he's due from there on out doesn't make any sense whatsoever. The team will release him barring a miracle season. So why not just go through as planned with Vick and groom Foles for next year? Foles is going to get a few starts anyway since Vick gets hit almost every time he drops back.
Joe August 28, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Sure; why not bench your starter for a guy who has strung together a few good to great quarters against the Steelers' 2nd and 3rd team defenders and the New England Patriots (who do not play defense anymore) and led scoring drives totaling 18 yards against the minor league Cleveland Browns? Did this guy really compare Nick Foles to five of the greatest QBs to ever throw an NFL pass based on five or six quarters of pre-season football against backups? Wow. Oh, and by the way, Cleveland, Washington, Indy and Miami are all starting rookie QBs because they have no other options. They are teams that have not had (other than Indy, obviously) an established starter for years. Furthermore, I think everyone would agree that Andrew Luck is not your typical rookie. Foles may go on to become the greatest QB the game has ever seen but to base that conclusion on five or six quarters of pre-season football is a bit nuts.
Future Old Angry Italian Guy August 29, 2012 at 10:14 AM
Joe, this is nuts: believing that Andy Reid and Michael Vick will win a SB together. The seasons a wash if Vick plays more than 8 games, o let's start Nick and get some positive energy.


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