Scholarship Deadlines Coming Due at CHS

The Collingswood High School guidance department urges students to observe upcoming deadlines for scholarship applications. The earliest is due Thursday.

In its Counselors Bulletin for post-secondary planning, the guidance department at Collingswood High School has compiled a list of scholarships for which college-bound members of the Class of 2013 may be eligible. Collingswood Patch is reprinting them here.

Kids and parents, take a look. Many of these applications have upcoming deadlines; the earliest is Thursday, Jan. 10.

1. Burger King Scholars Program: BK will offer $1,000, $5,000 and $25,000 awards to high-school seniors. The money may be used for educational expenses such as tuition and fees. Deadline: Jan. 10, 2013.

2. MLK Scholarship Competition: Write an essay based on the following prompt. 

Trayvon Martin was killed walking to his home on February 26, 2012, by George Zimmerman, a Florida neighborhood watchman in a gated community. Some have justified Zimmerman's actions based on the Florida Stand Your Ground Law. If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive would he advocate to repeal the Florida Stand Your Ground Law and other similar laws?

Essays due: Feb. 28, 2013.

3. New Jersey Burglar and Fire Alarm Association: For sons and daughters of active-duty police and fire personnel, one $1,500 and $1,000 local scholarship are available, as are national scholarships of $10,000 and $1,500. Deadline: March 1, 2013.

4. New Jersey Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Foundation: Will be awarding two $2,500 scholarships for post-high school education (college, community college, trade school, etc.). You must visit the monument and have the application signed at that time. Free tours on Saturdays, Feb. 2–April 13. Applications must be received April 19, 2013.

5. Mensa Foundation Scholarships: An essay is required for college-bound seniors, one general application, and one which includes student goals for cultural enrichment and/or the study of foreign languages. Deadline Jan. 15. 

6. University of Dayton: For any student planning on attending the University of Dayton a $10,000 leadership scholarship is available. Deadline: Feb. 15, 2013.

7. Sallie Mae/Brandon Teacher Scholarship: Four $1,000 scholarships are available for students who plan to attend the college of their choice and major in education. Deadline: Feb. 15, 2013.

8. Best Buy Scholarship: 1,100 students will receive $1,000 scholarships. Apply online until Feb. 15, 2013.

9. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority: The Theta Pi Omega Chapter of Alpha Sorority Inc., annually awards scholarship assistance to students of African-American descent who are pursuing higher education. Essay required. Deadline: Feb. 28, 2013.

10. American Legion Scholarships: For students with parents who served in the United States military. 

11. Princeton Prize in Race Relations: For students helping improve race relations in their schools or communities. Deadline: Jan. 31, 2013.

12. AAA of South Jersey: $5,000 scholarship. Essay information is available in the counseling office. Deadline: March 30, 2013.

13. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Scholarship: Scholarship for female seniors who participate in community service, prove to be a role model, and have a firm academic foundation. Application in Counseling Office. Deadline: Feb. 28, 2013.

14. NJ Schoolwomen’s Scholarship: Four scholarships for female graduates who intend to pursue a career in the field of education. Deadline: March 1, 2013.

15. NJ State Elks Special Children’s Scholarship: Scholarship is awarded for a student with excellent scholastic standing, financial need, and a physical and or mental disability, including learning disabilities. Deadline: April 1, 2013.

16. New Jersey Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association, Inc: A $1,000 scholarship for a student who has ME/CFS. Deadline: April 19, 2013.

17. Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC): Full tuition and other benefits. Five-year active duty obligation. Deadline: Jan. 31, 2013.

18. Rolling Thunder NJ Chapter 2 Scholarship: Three $1,000 scholarships for children of a military member, veteran or fallen soldier. Deadline: April 19, 2013.

19. Camden County Council #10 Henry J. Dunn Scholarship: For children of Council #10 members. Deadline: March 1.

20. South Jersey Officials Association Scholarship: For students who played football or was a cheerleader in the Tri County Midget Football League. Deadline: April 15, 2013.

 21. National Co-op Scholarship Program: Nearly 200 merit co-op scholarships totaling $4.9 million will be awarded to high school seniors and transfer students who plan to participate in college cooperative education at:

  • Drexel University
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Kettering University
  • Pace University
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • University of Cincinnati
  • The University of Toledo
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Deadline: Feb. 15 (except Johnson & Wales whose deadline is Feb. 1).

22. The Gates Millennium Scholars Program: For minority seniors (African American, American Indian/Native Alaskan, Asian Pacific Islander American, Hispanic American) with significant financial need, a 3.3 GPA, and who plan on attending college. Deadline: Jan. 16, 2013.

23. Drew University: Presidential Scholarship in the Arts, Civic Engagement and RISE Science Scholarships. $20,000 ($5,000 per year) This is a competition for interested students. Deadline: Feb. 1.

24. The Institute for Nursing 2013 Valerie E. Yahn Scholarship: For prospective nursing students. Deadline: Jan. 15, 2013.

25. KFC Colonel’s Scholarship: A $20,000 scholarship for a college-bound senior who has maintained at least a 2.75 GPA, and who plans to enroll in a college by September 2013. Deadline: Feb. 1. 

More Tips

College Goal Sunday
Feb. 24, 2013—1 p.m.
Camden County College 

Program for low-income and first-generation, college-bound seniors. Get help navigating the financial aid process, from completing the FAFSA to learning about the financial aid opportunities.

Visit: www.njcollegegoalsunday.org for more information.



Danielle January 22, 2013 at 07:44 PM
FYI: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Theta Pi Omega chapter's web home is currently their Facebook page. www.Facebook.com/ThetaPiOmega. The website linked is for Theta Phi Omega chapter in Plainfield, NJ.


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