Green Overshadows Red This Christmas

Warner Landscape and Patio teamed with the borough to replant Christmas trees in Knight Park.

received a belated Christmas gift on Friday, putting a little extra "green" in the typical red-and-green holiday theme.

teamed with Collingswood Borough Commissioner Joan Leonard, instituting to recycle Christmas trees.

"This idea was brought up between myself and Joan Leonard, in trying to repopulate (trees) in ," said Andrew Warner, owner of . "We thought, if people came to Warner to buy a Christmas tree, we could work out a package deal."

Last month, before Christmas, Warner gave customers the option to buy a tree for $109.99.

"The price included a Christmas tree, free delivery to their house, and free pickup after Christmas," said Warner.

And on Friday morning, after Warner employees visited each customer's house to pick up the trees, they were replanted in .

"We planted 17 (miniature Norway Spruce) trees in the park today," said Warner.

Warner and one of his foremen spent between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Friday planting trees at the park.

"We were out there with our big dump truck and our excavator, which acts like a giant backhoe," he said.

According to Warner, all 17 families who chose to recycle their trees will receive an additional gift.

"Every family will be sent a map, showing them exactly where their tree is planted in . They'll also get an official proclamation from the borough," he said. "It's a nice way to help repopulate trees in the park. And 20 years from now, families can go back into the park and say, 'Hey, there's our tree.'"

While planting trees Friday, Warner attached a tag to each, bearing the name of each tree's respective family.

"When we went to pick up the Seixas family's Christmas tree (Friday) morning, their son was standing outside waiting for us. Later in the day, while we were planting it, the kid and his grandfather rode their bikes down to the park to watch us," he said. "It was really neat."

Though this was the first year began recycling Christmas trees, it won't be the last.

"We plan to continue this tradition in the future. Next year, we hope to plant another 15 to 20 Christmas trees in the park. We'll keep working our way around to every section of the park, helping fill it up," he said.

Friday, Warner planted trees along Browning Road, beginning at the park's war memorial—located at West Browning Road and Collings Avenue—and continuing along Browning Road toward Park Avenue.

"This is a great opportunity to decorate your home and then decorate our park," said Leonard of the project. "It's the ultimate green gift."

Gemma McCourt January 07, 2012 at 01:49 PM
Sadly, I wasn't aware of the deal when we got our tree at Warner's, but what a great idea. Thank you. Giving. One of the true spirits of Christmas. Next year I'll know.
Cara Boiler January 07, 2012 at 09:43 PM
I was not aware of this either, but I do have an xmas tree with a root ball that we are about to take down. Is there any information for donating trees to be planted at Knight Park, even if they weren't purchased through Warner Landscape?
Andrew Warner January 09, 2012 at 02:08 PM
@ Cara Boiler. Please Contact my offices @ Warner Landscape & Patio regarding the possible planting of your tree in Knights Park. Thanks!


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