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Vote for Collingswood Every Tuesday at Grooveground

Every Tuesday until March, Grooveground will host voting events to boost the borough to Reader's Digests top spot in the We Hear You America contest.

Until March 1—the date Reader's Digest closes online polling for its contest—residents can vote for Collingswood at .

Following the borough's recent Get Out the Vote day and its Get Out the Vote party at , has agreed to designate every Tuesday a voting day inside the coffee shop.

The effort is to help support residents in the voting process, aimed at naming Collingswood the contest's best town in America.

Each Tuesday, will offer 50 percent off beverages like coffee, soda and iced tea to voters, from open until close.

Groups of voters who arrive at will four or more individuals will also receive a free snack.

According to , "Caffeine is just the thing we need to enter all those CAPCHA phrases (a requirement to cast each vote), so down a half-price cup and enjoy some time with friends while we push for a top eight spot."

The borough is aiming at hitting the contest's number eight spot—or above—in order to receive funding from Reader's Digest for borough improvements.

Voters are reminded to bring their own laptops to to vote.

Can't make it to the coffee shop? Vote anytime—at home or at the office. Users may vote an unlimited number of times, so visit Reader's Digest's We Hear You America website and vote now!


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