Camden County Aids Sandy-Ravaged Atlantic County Town

Camden County sends 12 employees to Longport Friday to help the Shore community dig out from Hurricane Sandy.

Camden County issued the following press release on Friday:

The Camden County Freeholder Board sent a large crew of operators and laborers to Longport today to assist Atlantic County in its disaster relief effort. A combination of employees from the Departments of Public Works and Parks made the journey to the small shore community to lend a hand in the cleanup effort.

As of Thursday at 4 p.m. the Camden County Emergency Operating Center was deactivated and the county has been stabilized from Hurricane Sandy. The county's Department of Public Works and the Office of Emergency Management combated the storm event and have done an excellent job of removing tons of vegetative debris and trees from our 400 miles of roadway.

Freeholder Ian Leonard is with the crews and working with Atlantic County officials to provide mutual aid and assist in the response.

“It is our duty to provide assistance and resources to residents that have been affected by the worse storm to hit the Shore and the state in modern era,” Freeholder Leonard said. “We are going to play an active role in restoring New Jersey and helping to rebuild and clean up this town and wherever else we are needed.”

At this point the county is sending a crew of 12 employees, four dump trucks, three front-end loaders and a stake body truck outfitted with a lift gate. The crew will work on remediating the island’s streets and infrastructure. This is the second emergency operation Camden County has commissioned in Atlantic County this year.

“Again I want to take this opportunity to thank our employees, they have and continue to go above and beyond for the residents of our county and the state,” Leonard said. “It’s critical for Camden County to play a lead role in this effort and our objective is to restore and rebuild Longport’s community.”

Camden County will continue to provide updates on its official website and on Facebook and Twitter.


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