Borough's 2012 Reorganization Results

Commissioners appointed and reappointed borough officers at its reorganization meeting Monday night.


Commissioners gathered at Monday evening, and reorganized for 2012 by appointing and reappointing borough officials, as well as authorizing contracts for professional services.

The following individuals will carry out 2012 terms:


2012 Appointed Officers—

  • Chief; Fire Official; Emergency Management Coordinator—Keith A. Davis Jr.
  • Municipal Housing Liaison; Camden County Community Development Representative; Clean Communities Coordinator; Alternate Fund Commissioner of Camden County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund—Keith Hastings
  • Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator—Geoffrey Joyce
  • Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator—Melanie Pierce
  • Director of Community Development—Cassandra Y. Duffey
  • Recycling Coordinator—Bradford Stokes
  • UCC Fire Sub-Code Official—Ralph Jones
  • Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics—Madalyn Deets
  • Alternate Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics—Kathleen McCarthy


2012 Reappointed Officers—

  • Municipal Prosecutor—Timothy Search
  • Indigent Counsel; Public Defender—Francis Moran
  • —John Bellace, Joy De Jesus, Robert Tonsberg
  • Planning Board Member—Joseph Santomauro
  • Historic Commission Members—Barbara Hart, John Kilgannon
  • Library Board Member—Jane Stilley


2012 Professional Service Contracts—

  • Municipal Attorneys—Brown & Connery, LLP
  • Information Technology Consultants—Barber Consulting
  • Risk Management Consultants—Conner Strong Companies
  • Ambulance and Fire Department Billing Services—DM Medical Billing
  • Professional Services—
  • Financial Advisors—NW Financial Group
  • Bond Counsel and Special Counsel—Parker McCay, P.A.
  • Municipal Auditor—Petroni & Associates
  • Municipal Engineers—Remington & Vernick


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