Police: Woman Fights off Sexual Attacker Who Climbed Into Her Bed

Armando Ramos-Vasquez, 27, of Collingswood, was charged with burglary and aggravated criminal sexual contact after allegedly entering into a Richey Ave. apartment uninvited.

What started out as a Saturday night party in the 500 block of Richey Ave. became a violent encounter by early Sunday morning, as one woman fended off a sexual attacker who entered her bed and started groping her, police said.

According to the Collingswood Police Department, the victim had been sleeping in her friend’s apartment while the friend bedded down elsewhere for the night.

At some point in the evening, 27-year-old Armando Ramos-Vasquez, who lives downstairs, allegedly crept upstairs to the unit.

“He wasn’t invited to this party, and we don’t know if he was there at one point and was asked to leave,” said Collingswood Police Chief Richard Sarlo.

According to police, Ramos-Vasquez entered through the unlocked front door, climbed into bed with the victim and proceeded to fondle her. When she awakened to discover Ramos-Vasquez in her bed, the victim fought him off in a scuffle that ended with her assailant taking a header down a flight of stairs.

Ramos-Vasquez then reportedly fled in a dark-colored vehicle.

Shortly after arriving on the scene, officers received a call from a local hospital that had admitted a patient “who had sustained head injuries from the fall in his apartment,” Sarlo said.

That turned out to be Ramos-Vasquez, who was arrested after the victim subsequently identified him as her attacker. He was charged with burglary and aggravated criminal sexual contact, and was remanded to the Camden County correctional facility on $150,000 full-cash bail.

Sarlo confirmed that the sexual contact the victim suffered was limited to unwanted touching; at no point was she raped, he said.


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