UPDATE: Officials Confirm Reports About Fallen Pole

School and police officials confirmed aspects of Monday's incident.

According to Superintendent Dr. Scott A. Oswald, the school bus which was Monday afternoon has still not been confirmed as a district bus.

"We have no additional information about the bus," said Oswald late Tuesday afternoon. "We contacted our busing provider again today and they had no reports of an accident, or of a near accident."

Officials at confirmed Monday's , that the utility pole had rotted at its base, causing it to fall.

"The final assessment (of Monday's incident included) a combination of the base of the pole decaying, as well as windy conditions," said Lt. Glenn Prince, of why the pole fell into Haddon Ave. "Public service was notified, responded to, and corrected the problem."

Click to read Patch's initial coverage of the incident, and to view a follow-up report.


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