Police Call Off Search for Possible Hit-and-Run Victim

Although the investigation is still open, Evesham police say they're no longer actively seeking the potential victim of an 81-year-old driver's car accident

After days of searching with helicopters, heat-sensing gear and police dogs, Evesham police have tabled their search for any victim of an apparent hit-and-run crash.

The Tuesday accident, which police discovered after pulling over an 81-year-old Cherry Hill resident who had damage to the front of his Ford Taurus that they said indicated he hit a pedestrian, has proven to be mystifying.

The elderly driver, who police said left the Cherry Hill Mall around 6 p.m., became disoriented and was driving around the region for hours before being pulled over on East Main Street in Evesham at 8:12 p.m. Tuesday.

He told police he remembered hitting something, but couldn't say what, where or when. Police found evidence of the impact—blood and what they believed to be human hair on the front of the vehicle.

Evesham officers searched the area following the car stop, but found nothing, and even drove the Cherry Hill man around to try to jog his memory. But nothing—not a check with local hospitals or the exhaustive days of searching—turned up a victim.

Although the search is over, Evesham police said they are keeping the investigation active.


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