Gun in the Drive-Thru, Guitars Down the Pants: Weird Crime News

Also, a man claiming to be a Water Department employee allegedly burglarizes a home while telling the homeowner to check the toilet water.

Each week, Patch combs through the more shocking, surprising and often absurd alleged criminal acts and police-related incidents that unfold around the region. Here’s what went on this week for “OMG PD.”

This won’t get you your Frosty any faster: A Landsdale, PA, man went from the Wendy’s drive-through to jail, after he brandished a handgun at the pick-up window, Upper Gwynedd Township Police said.

Daniel J. Costello, 22, was charged with felony carrying a firearm without a license, misdemeanor terroristic threats that caused a serious public inconvenience and disorderly conduct. No word on whether he got to finish his fries before getting booked.

It’s the North-South Freeway, not Speedway: A Broomall, PA, man was flying down Route 42 in his Mercedes, hitting speeds of up to 120 mph—oh, yeah, and he was drunk, according to Gloucester Township Police, who said Apostolos Michos failed several field sobriety tests.

Speaking of alleged drunk drivers: A New York City resident blew a 0.18 after getting pulled over in Lower Southampton, PA, then made things worse for himself when to make the DUI go away, police told Lower Southampton Patch.

Is that a Les Paul in your pants, or…oh, that’s actually a Les Paul in your pants: Martin Cohen had an innovative way of grabbing high-end guitars from Sam Ash Music on Route 38, according to Cherry Hill Police. He simply stuffed ‘em down his pants and took off while an accomplice ran a smokescreen, distracting employees at the store. But the store security cameras captured it all.

We’re pretty sure he wasn’t the meter reader, after all: The top three signs that alleged Water Department employee isn’t who he says he is: 1) He walks in a side door without being let in, 2) He tells you to stay in the bathroom and see if the toilet water turns green, then tries to shut you in there, 3) He steals a bunch of your stuff. All of that actually happened to one homeowner, Lower Moreland, PA, police said.

Hey, buddy, wanna buy a rhino horn? Just ask these three men, who were indicted in Newark on charges related to an international rhino horn smuggling ring, including allegedly trying to bribe federal agents. Yes, it's 2013, and no, you still can't legally buy rhino horns in the United States.

Left turns in New Jersey? You must be new here: In the land of the jughandle, Moorestown Mall owner PREIT wants to drop a left turn off Route 38 into the mall, which is undergoing some major renovations. Moorestown’s traffic guru, Sgt. Randy Pugh, isn’t keen on the idea, which he said would add a few hundred more accidents to the highway every year—not to mention make the intersection look “pretty crappy.” Hardly the ideal combo.


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