Former Phila. Police Commish Timoney to Advise Camco on Regional Police

Timoney will provide consulting services to the county on using regional police services, and on adding Camden City to the force.

Former Philadelphia Police Commissioner John F. Timoney will help Camden County officials put into play their to create a countywide police force. 

Timoney, who also served as police chief in Miami, will also help county officials bring Camden City into the regional force, creating a Metro Division. 

County officials have said sharing police services will help towns save money during tight economic times. Some police leaders have criticized the county's plan as vague and unrealistic. Critics say the plan will save taxpayers little money in the long run, and could jeopardize public safety. 

"The objective of this endeavor is to provide a more efficient police organization which will provide greater safety to the city of Camden, as well as to help develop a plan for the structure of a larger countywide force," Timoney said in a statement. 

Timoney is an executive with Andrews International, an international security consulting firm.

He'll begin working with Camden County on Aug. 15, on a per-diem contract, with an option for a contract on the full project. 

Timoney's pay has not been set; the county is waiting for him to send a proposal, said county spokeswoman Joyce Gabriel. 

“We cannot think of anyone better suited to help us with this project,” said Camden County Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr. “His experience, coupled with his knowledge of the area, make him the ideal person to assist us as we create this new entity and help Camden City transition into it.”

Parrotjoe August 04, 2011 at 04:50 PM
Not many people want to pay to provide police to Camden. So why are we doing it anyway? Oh, I forgot, the politicians know what's best for us. So I'll just sit here and eat their crap and be quiet.
Silence Dogood August 04, 2011 at 05:05 PM
The amount of money that Camden County is going to pay Timoney and his firm could provide actual boots on the ground in Camden County. The county as well as Camden City cut payrolls and frontline workers but have brought in a new police director in Camden City and are looking to pay a high priced security firm to make recomendations. The people running Camden City and Camden County MUST go. Now we are supposed to pay for their mistake AGAIN. Wake up and show these clowns the door.


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