Camden County Police Chief Learns About Heroin Antidote

Camden County Police Chief Scott Thomson attended a Naloxone training seminar at St. Charles Borromeo Church in Washington Township on Tuesday.

Camden County Police Chief Scott Thomson was among a group of local law enforcement officials who attended a Naloxone training seminar at St. Charles Borromeo Church in Washington Township on Tuesday.

The Naloxone training was held for family and caregivers to those afflicted with Heroin addiction. Naloxone is a medication that is used counter the effects of a heroin overdose. 

Previously only hospital staff was permitted to administer the antidote.

However, the Opioid Antidote and Overdose Prevention Act made it legal for police officers to start carrying the drug. Legislators passed the act last year.

The Chiefs are in the planning stages of getting Naloxone deployed to their officers to help save lives. Activitst Patty DiRenzo invited them to the seminar. She arranged the training session with the South Jersey AIDS Alliance Naloxone Distribution Program.

The act doesn't limit possession and administration of the antidote to police officers. It provides immunity for witnesses and drug overdose victims, and allows both healthcare professionals or pharmacists and non-healthcare professionals to dispense the antidote in emergency situations.

Camden County has seen a string of overdoses this year. In mid-march, the county reported 15 overdoses over the course of two days in Camden, Berlin, Stratford and Gloucester City.

Another 20 overdoses were reported throughout the county two weeks later.

For more information about the Naloxone Distribution contact the South Jersey AIDS Alliance at  609-347-1085, or go to http://www.southjerseyaidsalliance.org/ .

John April 10, 2014 at 02:49 PM
The truth is, we are in the midst of probably thee worst epidemic ever to grasp our society since the germ outbreaks a hundred years ago. Unfortunately, the Heroin Addiction Epidemic doesn't get the press it should because the fuzzy thinking , left leaning media hadn't figured out a way to blame it on the Republicans or the Koch Brothers or even the Tea Party. The lefty loon blue states that have decriminalized pot have painted themselves into a corner on this one . Every wacko out there now claims to have some kind of bullshit condition needing pot and they are a large part of the constituency the Democrats depend on when the voting booths get rolled out. When the Hilda Beast announces her candidacy , only then will the heavy hitting main stream media use all its might to make her out to be the "Heroine of Heroin" and imply blame where it doesn't belong. I applaud these chiefs for taking part in this effort to try and combat this very serious situation. Unfortunately, they are facing a serious uphill battle -no fault of their own. This effort will have to be accross the board beginning with the families of those who are addicted . They MUST fight their own denial , admit to themselves their child or spouse has this problem and do what's right . Heroin Addiction leads to crime. Those acts of crime can effect other innocent people the rest of their lives !!


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