Moms Talk Q&A: Sick Kids

We want to know what our mommy readers think. Share your thoughts with us in Moms Talk Q&A.

'Tis the season for stomach viruses and runny noses.

Every time I walk into my son's preschool, or through the halls of various elementary schools, I see them everywhere: germs.

I see kids sneezing, wiping their red little noses and cheeks on their shirts or in their hands. Then, I see them touching door handles and computers and desks, spreading the germs everywhere.

Before you know it, the whole school is sick. But, as most working mamas know, parents only have so many sick days!

Is it fair to make everyone else sick, when your employer isn't that understanding? 

This seems to be a popular debate on Facebook statuses, in Twitter conversations, and in other mommy groups as of late.

When, if ever, is it OK to send your little one full of snot and germs to a school or daycare?

Some comments I've seen have scolded parents who send their kids to school sick—but they have to afford to be able to send their kids to school on top of supporting a family, right? 

I want to know what you think. 


This is where I'm reaching out to our Collingswood Patch readers.

Have you ever sent your child to school sick? What was the story?

How do you deal with work when your children are sick?

Does your spouse split the days off with you? 

How do our single moms handle sick days?

Do you find it offensive that some people send their kids to school sick under any circumstance? 


We want to hear from you! Comment in the box below to start the talk. 

Single Moms Ask Sara January 15, 2012 at 02:02 AM
I'm a single mom, and I stay home with my kids, whether I have paid sick days or not. I don't like it when there are sick kids in school, but it's because I believe sick children should be home, in bed, and recovering. It's terrible to try to force a sick body to get through a day of school. I believe our children should deserve to stay home, get some TLC, and feel better. www.SingleMomsAskSara.com
Rebecca Gillis January 17, 2012 at 08:07 PM
AGREED! That's the price we pay for being a mama right?
Lauren Dulczak Callahan January 17, 2012 at 09:27 PM
I have never sent my child to school sick and cant think of a situation where I would. I agree with the post above, sick kids deserve to stay home and feel better. I always make sure Natalie is at least 24 hours fever free before I will send her to school. Luckily, I can work from home when she is sick and I even have enough paid time off where if she is really sick, I can stay home. My husband owns his own business so he is also flexible. I understand others dont have that flexibility and I feel for them. But, they still need to stay home with their kids (or maybe find a friend or family member to help them out). We pay a lot for daycare and it irks me when I have to keep my child home from school (and still pay) because other parents are sending their children to school with fevers and hacking coughs.


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