Borough Beeswax: Buzzing About Daylight Saving Time

"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

Sunday morning at 2 a.m. marks the start of Daylight Saving Time (DST). As the clocks advance, that lost hour will stretch itself out through the next several weeks, wreaking havoc with circadian rhythms up and down the East Coast.

Collingswood Patch asked borough residents and visitors about how their Saturday and Sunday plans would be affected with one less hour to accomplish things.

"It's not stopping us from going out!" said Kerry Shelley of .

She and her coworker, Kathy VanCuren were going to watch their boss, Sam Caruso, perform at a Blackwood bar gig with his band, No Relation.

"I'm glad tomorrow's Sunday so we can all sleep in," said VanCuren.

Outside the store, 16-year-old Ray Long was playing guitar and singing cover songs with a small amplifier as the early traffic rolled by.

"I kind of forgot about [Daylight Saving Time]," Long said. "It's just something you've gotta do."

The upside, says Steve McManus of Philadelphia is "extra sunlight when you get out of work."

"I just sleep an hour later," says Ed del Russo of Oaklyn.

With baby Katherine calling the shots in the house, said John and Natasha Steinmacher of Garfield Avenue, sleep is ever at a premium anyway. DST is just more of the same.

"We'll get up when the baby gets up," they said.

Cade Gibson of Delaware said she "feel[s] like I lose [that hour] for seven months," and Keenan Cephas said he'll "just do what I usually do on Sundays: nothing."

Joann Bailey and her daughters Caroline, 10, and Alison, 7, were performing on Haddon Avenue with their fellow students from the DeNogla Irish Dance School of Oaklyn and Riverton. Joann said Sunday morning was an early start for the family anyway.

"We're going to dance in Philly tomorrow morning for St. Paddy's Day."


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