Almost Home Animal Shelter's Adoptable Pet of the Day

Meet Bronte, a senior citizen and Labrador mix, who shelter staff say is seeking a home at which she can live out her elderly years.

Bronte isn't a spring chicken any longer.

In fact, she's a dog. A loving old girl, Bronte is a black-colored Labrador mix, who shelter staff estimate to be at least 12 years old.

"Bronte needs a very special family to adopt her," said Director Nancy Welsh of the pooch. "She's a senior citizen. She's looking for a relaxed environment in which to spend the rest of her days."

And this sweet-faced, bearlike pup especially deserves to finish her life feeling cared-for and at peace.

"Bronte came to us as part of an animal cruelty case that was based in Gloucester City," said Welsh. "She had no fur when she arrived here. She was skinny—bony, really—and could hardly walk, instead having to limp around.

"We learned that she was hairless due to a flea allergy. She was really in a bad way," said Welsh.

Bronte has spent time with a foster family, who helped get her back on her feet and boosted her health.

If anything, after years of cruelty and no way to defend herself, this old girl—who, at her age, does a lot of sleeping and loves being pet—is more than worthy of constant love in her final years.


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