Rock Bottom in Sight for the Eagles

Another Eagles season seems to have ended far earlier than it should have. After the team dropped its fifth straight game, all fans have to look forward to is the development of Nick Foles.

The Eagles had more first downs, more yards, greater time of possession, and half the number of penalties their opponent did Sunday...and managed to lose by two touchdowns. The reason, in the micro view, was that they lost the turnover battle and gave up a special teams touchdown.

In the macro view, they are a bad and poorly coached team. They lack heart, discipline and chemistry. They are a bunch of puzzle pieces, some talented, shoved awkwardly into place. The whole is much less than the sum of its parts.

There is something rotten inside this Eagles team. It was rotting last year, and after festering for a year, it has only become more pungent.

Even against the hated Dallas Cowboys—a poorly coached team with major issues on offense and defense—the 2012 Eagles are a cureall for whatever may ail their opponents. If these Eagles do one thing right, they seem obligated to then do two things wrong.

Vick out, Foles in

The day began with a very nice, game-opening touchdown drive. Yet, watching QB Michael Vick play, with his "happy feet" and poor decision-making, has convinced even any impartial observer that he is incapable of leading this team anywhere positive.

When Vick finally succumbed to a concussion it was a relief for fans and probably for Vick. Not to suggest any fan wanted to see him hurt—that is classless—they just no longer wanted to watch him play, because it is clearly a futile cause.

Filling in for Vick, backup QB Nick Foles acquitted himself fairly well. Even with far less athletic talent than Vick, he looked to be under less pressure in the pocket than Vick has at any time this season. The offensive line is porous, but Foles got rid of the ball more quickly and did not skitter around to the point where those blocking for him had no ideal where he was.

Foles has prototypical NFL QB size. He can see over the line when in the pocket. He has a strong arm and good feet. Without any reps during the week, he made some poor throws, but that is to be expected. He led the team to 2 touchdowns and a field goal in less than a full game.

He was the lone bright spot in a dismal game.

'Reception' problems

Andy Reid should be ashamed of this product. Eagles fans are. This team needs to blown up, almost entirely, starting with its head coach.

In a radio interview this week, an Eagles beat reporter offered his inside perspective on the locker room environment: he said he has never seen a team that cared less than this Eagles team does.

When the Eagles had their players-only meeting a couple of weeks ago—such meetings are sometimes called by teams in dire circumstances—seven members of its unofficial leadership council spoke about professionalism, pride; generally the need to play better.

During the meeting, while their leaders were talking about such weighty issues, many of the players were on their cell phones, talking or texting.

That should make any fan's blood absolutely boil; yet, sitting in the Linc during a game recently, it occurred to me that there were many fans who were on their cell phones, chatting idly, sending texts, looking at photos.

That is mind-boggling. Philadelphia has one of the most rabid football fan-bases in the country and they have been reduced to texting during games. This team is so heartless and sickening to watch that the rabid Eagles fan base cannot even find the energy to care.

The players on the field play like they do not care. Accordingly, the fans watch the game like they do not care. They will complain and they will weather this ugly chapter in Eagles history. For right now though, the fact remains, that this team is so devoid of anything positive that it has managed to suck from its fans even the will to care about a game against the rival Cowboys.

Watching this team for seven more games will only be palatable if fans want to see how Foles progresses. The rest of the players that comprise this carcass of a team have caused its season to end before Thanksgiving for the second season in a row.

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Michael November 15, 2012 at 11:02 PM
They did have some talent in some of those years but NFL teams don't have sustained success for that long if there's QB is just being "propped" up. The point though is that the Eagles have not had a competent QB since McNabb left and that is their biggest problem. QB is the most important position in sports and with Vick toast, the Eagles are in big trouble if Foles isn't a legit player. Hopefully he shows something in these final 7 weeks
Larry O'Doyle November 16, 2012 at 03:47 AM
This has been another wasted season leaving fans embittered and apathetic. Unfortunately, utilizing acoustic warfare to drown out the collective groan of the lifeblood of its fan base is just another brick on the towering wall between the Eagles organization and it's fan base. While attending my first game in several years earlier this season I was deeply saddened by the changes in the stands. In a city full of heart and personality, Lincoln Financial Field has succeeded in partially lobotimizing fans while muffling the screams of a once proud home advantage with suffocating security, Lego architecture and dull football. Opposing fans should not be madeto fear for thier life but they should also not be comfortable. Jeff Lurie has always been concerned more with perception than reality but to subject your own fans to a sunny afternoon of Dan Baker Death Metal is the most offensive play they've made all season. I like Foles and love the Birds so I will plod through the apathy of the remaining months fueled by cherished memories of the past and hopes for the future.
Mike Diviney November 16, 2012 at 04:00 AM
Beautifully stated Larry. Interesting you used the past tense: "this has been another wasted season..." Numerically it's only half over! We still have to endure this season's wanton lack of intrigue. Only bright spot is not having to watch Vick slog around and getting to see if Nick Foles is an NFL QB. Not what we hoped for, but what we got.
Mike Diviney November 17, 2012 at 03:21 AM
See what happened when he left here. He wasn't the coach's surrogate son in those cities so, without that prop, he was run out of town after 1 season in DC and after far less than 1 season in Minnesota.
Phil McConkey November 17, 2012 at 12:43 PM
This is great guys. Have fun in 3rd place for the next 4-5 years. I can hear it now after the 3rd consecutive 3rd place finish "Bring Andy back!!....Bring Andy Back!" Typical Eagles fans!


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