Week in Review: Welcome Back, Michael Landon

These stories topped the charts this week at Collingswood Patch. Did you read them all?

The borough reinstalls the Knight Park plaque after its removal ruffles many feathers. Check out what the memorial’s and a in town.

Collingswood came out to celebrate all things green. Did you snap any pics? Upload them in seconds to our gallery and share your shots with your neighbors.

In a story that took the Internet by storm, a Cherry Hill dad says teachers bullied and failed to protect his autistic son. Stuart Chaifetz said the alleged teacher in charge , as he criticizes the school district for . Meanwhile, a North Jersey man is suing on .

These kids are reading wizards—who just won $1,000 for new classroom books to boot.

You can help make Perkins Center for the Arts’ environmentally friendly parking lot possible.

Rest easy, coach.

Make sure every Vietnam Veterans—including the six lost from Collingswood—gets his or her due.

john q public April 30, 2012 at 11:09 AM
DEAR GOD - someone remove that bench, its so high, someone might slip right off!!! oh no, the leaves on those plants look sharp, someone could bleed to death if they touched them. put a fence around it, put a spotlight on it, put in a backup generator for the spotlight, hire a security firm for 24/7 surveilance, have fire dept build a new ambulance building there and put in a Medevac pad at once, alert the govenor, put up the bat signal !!!!!


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