You Said It: Business Owners Love Operating in Borough

Collingswood entrepreneurs give many reasons for opening businesses in Collingswood.

April 7—Almost Home Animal Shelter

Nancy Welsh, owner of Almost Home Animal Shelter, said Collingswood's presence caters to adoption.

Collingswood, said Welsh, is a pet-friendly town—a place with spacious community parks and walking trails that make for great companion-and-pet exercise. 

Even on Haddon Avenue, a bustling downtown district, it's obvious that pets are welcome. At any given moment, you'll pass just as many people walking pets on Haddon Avenue as people without. 

According to Welsh, Collingswood residents are accountable for a significant chunk of the shelter's animal adoptions. For that, Welsh thanks the borough—for saving the lives of animals, and for giving them an amazing town to call home.


April 6—Yogawood

Yogawood Owner Beth Filla, who operates her yoga studio on Haddon Avenue, said Collingswood offers a vibe that syncs with yoga ideals. 

According to Filla, Collingswood is an arts district filled with people who appreciate life, stop to smell the roses, and take it easy in life.

The mellow mood surrounding her studio, said Filla, is a plus.

Filla said the laid-back atmosphere channeled by borough residents is exactly the atmosphere Yogawood strives to heighten.

As for creating the Collingswood—Yogawood union? Her decision to open a studio in town, said Filla, yielded Yin-and-Yang harmony almost immediately.


April 5—Frugal Resale

Morgan Robinsons, who owns Frugal Resale—a thrift shop on Haddon Avenue—said borough-based business is the best kind of business.

According to Robinson, she opened the shop here to mix family and work conveniently. 

Robinson said she lives just a block from her store, and has been a borough resident for the past eight years.

Her three children are also all enrolled in the Collingswood Public School District.

So opening a business close to home was convenient for Robinson.

But she couldn't have picked a better town to mix business and pleasure.

"Collingswood is full of great people," she said. "It's an artsy place to be, and I think that helps business."


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