Collingswood Photo Hunt: Business Edition

Can you identify which businesses are shown in these photos?

So you think you know Collingswood?

Check out these photos, and see if you can guess where each one was taken.

We'll give you a hint: each photograph is of a business in downtown Collingswood.

And since this is Collingswood Patch's first edition of Clue Hunt, we're going easy on you.

Stay tuned for next week's find—it won't be as simple!


Don't peek below until you're ready to see the answers.



SPOILER ALERT: check your answers in this photo hunt—

Image 1—

Image 2—

Image 3—

Image 4—

Image 5— (read about the shop's recent closing )

Image 6—

Image 7—

Image 8—

Image 9—

Image 10—

Image 11—

Image 12—

Image 13—

Image 14—

Image 15—


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