Congrats, Collingswood Runners! - UPDATED

Collingswood was the hometown of record for 126 runners in the 2012 Broad Street Run, including top female finisher, Elizabeth Peddicord.

All those extra laps around Knight Park have paid off for several of you local pavement-pounders who participated in the Broad Street Run this weekend.

In all, 126 runners self-identified as hailing from Collingswood, and seven finished among the top 1,000 runners in a field of nearly 33,000 who completed the race.

They are:

  • Bryan Wood, 24, who placed 475 with a chip time of 1:04:52
  • John Bernetich, 27, who placed 510 with a chip time of 1:05:10
  • Robert Lewandowski, 42, who placed 566 with a chip time of 1:05:41
  • Bryan Selm, 32, who placed 578 with a chip time of 1:05:46
  • Kevin Cranston, 27, who placed 718 with a chip time of 1:06:50
  • Eric Rooney, 29, who placed 808 with a chip time of 1:07:28
  • Rodney Russen, 41, who placed 926 with a chip time of 1:08:11

The top female finisher from town was Angela Taulane, 35, who placed 2,103 overall (394 among women) with a chip time of 1:13:22. Right behind her were:

  • Jane Simon, 25, who placed 2,209 overall (419 among women) with a chip time of 1:13:22.
  • Samantha Wilson, 25, who placed 3,944 overall (906 among women) with a chip time of 1:13:22.
  • Lauren Sigfried, 22, who placed 4,097 overall (967 among women) with a chip time of 1:13:22.

Honorable in-house mentions go to West Deptford Patch editor Bryan Littel (1:16:33 chip time) and Camden County Patch regional editor Tim Zatzariny (1:40:19 chip time).

Congratulations, everyone! Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

UPDATE - May 11, 2012, 3:36 a.m.: In the time since our story was published, the scores of two additional Collingswood runners were added to the race report, bringing the grand total to 126 runners, as opposed to 124, the number originally reported in this story.

One of those is 32-year-old Elizabeth Peddicord, who, with a chip time of 1:10:25, placed 1360 overall (212 among women), displacing Angela Taulane as the top local female finisher.

Thank you, Ms. Peddicord, for notifying us of the correction, and congratulations on your finish!

Anne Carroll May 07, 2012 at 08:18 PM
Hey, who said Collingswood just didn't cut it with super athletes? Congratulations one and all! You are the best!
Ontrea DiNapoli May 11, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Woooo! Congrats, Liz! Excellent as always... The Simon Sisters ruling the roost! Haha ;)
Angelina Taulane May 13, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Awesome job Liz! And all runners! Great people, good energy & fantastic cause!! Love to all!


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