Access Bars at Joyous 18 ||| June 29th

How Does It Get Any Better Than This?
How Does It Get Any Better Than This?

Would You like to release that which no longer serves You?

Access Bars Class on June 29th . . .
Would You like to experience an introductory session?   
or would You like to just come to this class and learn how to Gift and Receive Access Bars?

At the worst, receiving a Bars Session will have You feeling so relaxed that You will feel like You have just had the best massage ever . . .
At best, this can help You shift your life so that it is more easeful . . .
and How would You like your life to have more joy and ease?

A Bars Session is like de-fragging your computer, except that you are de-fragging your brain . . .
Imagine how it would feel to release all the stuff that is clogging you up and slowing you down!! . . .
and be living from smooth and easy . . .

for more info about the class, other offerings, and me; please connect through this link  (until website complete):


also, please check out the videos here:

call/TEXT:  856.873.4238

Read my blog "Ponder This" on the Patch here. You will find lots of free tools that will bring Joy!!!!!

many offerings posted under: 

"events" and "town square"

in the SoHa Arts Building
1001 Whitehorse Pike
Haddon Township 08107

Thank You 


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